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Sometimes figures can’t be tied to numbers, a simple calculation is a tough job to do, mathematics is all Greek to you, and a clock never seems to reveal its time.

The documentary DIVIDED BY NUMBERS – studying with dyscalculia gives you an accurate 30-minute-impression of the world according to youngsters with dyscalculia. Young pupils, students and parents testify on the difficulties they experience during their educational career, and give an impression of how they succesfully overcame the tresholds on their way. Experts comment on insights and different points of interest about this disability.

The documentary DIVIDED BY NUMBERS – studying with dyscalculia provides a fascinating learning experience. Understanding this learning disability and offering specific support can help students in achieving academic success.

We hope this documentary can inspire educational institutions to approach every student with dyscalulia in a distinctive way, in order to offer him sufficient chances to develop individual talents.

Guido Galle
Director Educational and Student Policies
Artevelde University College Ghent

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